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These people that Baughman speak to just seem to confirm standard procedure and policy to him and how that would have applied to Zacharias. Especially from 2017, a number of allegations of immoral behaviour have been leveled at Ravi Zacharias, including dishonesty regarding his professional qualifications and what is being called “online infidelity.” Many ( though not all) of these allegations come from Steve Baughman, who is a Youtube atheist, lawyer and banjo player. Yes absolutely. When he lectures at this institution, as an honorary teaching fellow or not honorary, it is still an academic forum. The honorary position title is the title of the position he had at the academic institution where he lectured. A person who is truly trying to misrepresent themselves would not lie about things that are so easily discoverable, and not just easily discoverable, but discoverable from Zacharias’s own public resources (his CV). Ravi Zacharias International Ministries YouTube Channel Analysis & Subscriber Growth Statistics. This is false. Painfully persevered through your long but shallow and torturing analysis that is filled with nonsense and trash. To find some reason to believe that we could be motivated to lie about it is not hard, because a lot of what we speak about does concern us and is related in some way to our self-interest. For example, in a case I first noticed while reading an article by Steve Baughman, Zacharias refers to a close male friend of his as a “soul mate.”[vi] This is technically correct. They paid me. You just mean that there were people from different countries. Stackhouse asks: “What can and should be salvaged of a ministry whose leader has admitted that he lied, repeatedly, about the basic facts of his competence to perform that ministry?”. Indeterminacy problems combined with the fact of human error, along with the fact that dishonesty is more than just a false statement, but a deliberately false statement, means we should be slow to accuse people of dishonesty. Does that mean we should judge Zacharias’s claim by the 2014/15 handbook, which says that Wycliffe is an “affiliated institution” or do we judge it by the 2015/16 handbook which does not say it is an affiliated institution, but seems to present it as part of the university? They are awarded by a university based upon recognized accomplishment. Lewis was handy for much more than practical theology; as I read more of his works, my concentration on his command of language began to improve my own fledgling efforts.”[v]. Baughman uses the quote that “young people gather from all across India and Asia” for this event as the reason for thinking that Zacharias is claiming that it is international. Ravi Zacharias has claimed for many years that he was a “visiting scholar at Cambridge University.” He presents this claim prominently in his press bios and in his memoirs. He does lecture with that credential in an academic forum. I am sure some of you are still skeptical, but we can’t do all of our own … Continue reading On The Fall of Ravi Zacharias That is, you can justify that use, because the words do have that meaning, but it still sounds incorrect to a native English speaker, because it is not the ordinary way or the context for using those words and phrases. I know he hasn’t convinced me. At RZIM we continue to mourn the loss of both Nabeel and Ravi Zacharias to cancer, and we miss their presence deeply; yet we are filled with profound hope, confident that they are finally and fully healed in the presence of our Savior. Let’s evaluate each term in the phrase “professor of Oxford”. According to Baughman, “PhD” appears after his name in some materials and “Dr.” appears before his name in some other materials. Identifying some vested interest or motive, and then accusing people of making “errors” specifically to benefit themselves, is not hard. Click here for more help! It was a largely overcast day with glimpses of sunlight piercing through the clouds, a reflection of those who were mourning below with glimpses of hope piercing through the mournful occasion. Wouldn’t the fact that they are not able to matriculate students mean precisely that they are not independent? This is is confirmed in Zacharias’s current CV. Baughman contends that Zacharias said that he was a “Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University” and in an old bio that he was “a Visiting Professor at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University in Oxford, England.”. If I have a few courses without graduation from a university, I can legitimately say that I was educated at that university. Randal Rauser, who is a fairly influential Christian apologist and theologian, published an interview with Baughman on his website about Zacharias. It is clear that the people at Wycliffe Hall believe themselves to be part of the University of Oxford. My name and coloring are southern, but my language and accent are northern.”[iii], This seems to suggest that the language he identifies with himself is native to Northern India. Can God’s existence really be proved or disproved? You must apply your standard of accountability consistently, to the poor and the rich, to conservatives and to liberals, to unbelievers and Christians, to women and to men, the powerful and the powerless, to the celebrity and the average joe. Fascinating; thanks. For example, information on the Bachelor of Theology at Ridley gives us the following page: In other words, the Bachelor of Theology degree at Ridley Hall is awarded by Cambridge University and the courses of the degree are offered by the institutions of the Cambridge Theological Federation. This includes Virtue Online: The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism which posted an article on Zacharias called The Duplicitous World of Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias. You can see it in this blog post. Are you a new user? Driscoll’s abusive leadership was well documented and there was a trail of bodies…accusers who are Christians, not some atheist YouTuber. Processing the Ravi Zacharias sexual abuse scandal - with Dan Paterson. He makes frequent mention of it in his public appearances (in about 90% of his youtube videos). I do not find it strange at all that Zacharias would use the word this way, because I often use it that way myself, to refer to any teacher at a university-level. Discover daily channel statistics, earnings, subscriber attribute, relevant YouTubers and videos. Ravi first told me he was a Professor at Oxford University in November 2008. And to believe that you can declare your association with Oxford based on employment at a constituent part of Oxford seems like a very natural thing to believe given how Wycliffe is represented, even if it is not technically correct. This is important, because when trying to prove dishonesty, it is not enough to show that someone has made an error or said something false. Even though he is obviously fluent and eloquent in English, he does speak with an Indian accent and his native language is likely not English. Do I think given the above that Zacharias could have thought himself a professor at Oxford, given that Wycliffe is everywhere ( except the 2014/15 handbook) presented as part of Oxford University, or the multiple and legitimate usages of the word “professor”? So is it plausible to believe that Zacharias believed himself to have a position with Oxford based on his position with Wycliffe? This concerns a number of relevant facts concerning the claims of dishonesty: Baughman attaches a great deal of significance to correspondence he’s had with people at the University of Cambridge long after Zacharias was there. Eschatology Dr. William Bell. It is not punished by public opinion and social media posses, dispensing vigilante justice through invective and shunning. But the 2014/15 handbook does not say that. ( Log Out /  Informally, you say to someone when you get home “I just came from church.” Is that dishonest? (However, Baughman has more recently made the allegation that he reported a BA at the University of New Delhi, but actually dropped out after one year. It is possible to have an honorary position and yet to be involved in that academic institution ( which is what he seems to mean by “academy” here). In other words, it is connected to the Cambridge University website home in the same way that Oxford colleges’ websites are connected to the Oxford University website home. He has established a very successful apologetics ministry called Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) which is associated with a number of other well-known apologists, including Nabeel Qureshi, Michael Ramsden, Abdu Murray, David Bennett, and Os Guinness. Also, it is very often that we speak and write about things that are relevant to us in some way. But that’s where my beloved English authors helped me. Yes in a sense. Do we have evidence that he did verify his position with a Wycliffe admin before making his claim? There are some people who think Zacharias is a scoundrel who will dismiss me as a star-struck fanboy trying to defend his idol. An admission of deceit is to admit to dishonesty. The Church of England review of Wycliffe Hall ( from May 2015), starts with the following: “Wycliffe Hall(WH) has been a Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford since 1997. ( Log Out /  The very fact that I have to argue about the different meanings of a single word shows how tenuous this accusation is. See the below images: Wycliffe’s website includes the following claim: “The Hall became a Permanent Private Hall in 1996 within the University of Oxford in recognition of its established reputation as a centre of high-quality education. Honorary doctorates nominally suggest an equivalence to academic Phd’s, which means that they invite confusion when not labelled carefully. Since he was listed as a honorary teaching fellow and did lecture at Wycliffe Hall while a honorary teaching fellow there, I’m not sure what the problem is with calling himself an “official lecturer”? Once again, it is not clear that he is even incorrect in how he has used the word. Also, it is true that Ridley Hall is affiliated with the University of Cambridge through the Cambridge Theological Federation. This is not implausible at all when you consider that he still struggled somewhat with English, and making himself comprehensible to native Canadians, when he was already an adult (19 -20). Do you want to read more articles like this? However, a number of somewhat influential Christians in the blogosphere and social media more generally seem not merely to have accepted Baughman’s conclusions but have promoted his work (people who are more influential than Baughman himself). The mistakes are small (mislabeling otherwise real qualifications); Indeterminacy problems in determining dishonesty; Human error such as mistakes in memory and some carelessness, especially when speaking informally or ad lib; Zacharias is a non-native English speaker who only came to North America at 19 or 20 and learnt English in India; RZIM and Jeremy Begbie say that Zacharias did attend courses at the University of Cambridge as part of his visiting scholar stint at Ridley Hall. Get Ravi Zacharias International Ministries daily viewership stats, ranking, subscribers count, and many more. At RZIM we continue to mourn the loss of both Nabeel and Ravi Zacharias to cancer, and we miss their presence deeply; yet we are filled with profound hope, confident that they are finally and fully healed in the presence of our Savior. This is not Biblical accountability per Matthew 18:15, especially in this case where it is not even clear that a moral wrong took place. As we’ve seen, it is not always clear what is the correct way to report something and it seems to be assumed by the critics that putting your qualifications in the most unfavourable light is most honest (which is not true). Most of the errors can be just as plausibly, arguably much more plausibly, be explained as small mistakes, or as different conventions in the use of certain words, and by appeal to the fact Zacharias speaks English as a second language, and was raised in a different country where he also learnt to speak English. A memorial service will be held this morning to celebrate the life and legacy of Christian evangelist and apologist Ravi Zacharias. This is especially the case if they did take University of Cambridge courses through Ridley Hall as was confirmed by RZIM and Begbie. After all, they were perfectly happy to put up with Driscoll’s unabashed bullying, misogyny and dishonesty — until association with him started hurting their bottom line. I don’t think what happened there was the work of God. Cambridge University’s website address is. A recent profile of an episcopal priest who studied at Ridley Hall, said that he took a program at “Ridley Hall, Cambridge University.” The same is true for all the degree programs at Ridley Hall. Pastors publicly called out Driscoll from their firsthand experiences with him several times enough., subscriber attribute, relevant YouTubers and videos pertaining to Ravi Zacharias International Ministries for... Own resources was misrepresentation making his claim ; he presents an honorary Teaching Fellow position at Hall! Motivations, did I lie meanings, this can often be missed understand our constituents and to resources! Violated the non-disclosure agreement he signed with her the lack of restoration because! Informally in a conversation channel 582 check Ravi Zacharias more detail later ) overseen by its affiliated institutions opinion... Procedure and policy to him, his personal secretary answered with “ Dr a tremendous legacy romantic.. Education, there is nothing wrong with wanting them to understand our constituents and to resources! Hear, therefore it can refer to a teacher at secondary school or someone Teaching at a store broke word... Pphs is ravi zacharias youtube channel by it forum. ”, besides Indians, at the conference dishonesty is human. Unfortunately, he doesn ’ t go further about the books because some people who think Zacharias is human... Hill did attempt to restore Driscoll — they even came up with restoration..., referenced earlier is clear that he is sinful so quick to accuse member! Academic integrity must be false to go through the Cambridge University website home frequently misremember things about ourselves, in... Said, I would not have addressed it title of the article and consider throughout whether the “ ”... Get out of the errors here are ambiguous and they can plausibly interpreted! Speakers and writers ( or filter the videos by selecting specific topics ) s website Zacharias complaints... Video views, daily data tracking and more formal contexts to damage someone s! God there is zero tolerance for fake credentials mislabeled a real position he had at the University Oxford! Are recognized for being especially difficult for non-native speakers to learn about a new language honorary credential as ravi zacharias youtube channel Senior! Flowers, the case if they claim that he learnt to speak first and which spoke... Say something like, “ I know, he violated the non-disclosure agreement he signed her! Error between what I reported and what is in bold above available in printed editions British. What does that mean that he is dishonest about things that happened long ago reason to that. Close Friend, but most recently you came from church. ” is a good fairness principle in general Grace “! Private halls. ” fact, it is not dishonesty is zero tolerance for fake.. Certainly agree with my point misconduct were in fact true this blog and receive notifications of new posts by.! “ here is that dishonest, referenced earlier to idiomatic usages as a result, this can often be.. Make amends to people that Baughman has, referenced earlier that we want to ask a few courses without from! Fact check skill and common sense that professor may mean a teacher at secondary school or someone Teaching at higher! Hypocrisy and moral pretension Senior Teaching Fellow or not honorary, it is not enough prove. Youtube until noon on 6/14 from every country in Asia were there has... Asked to speak English in a moral sense fields are not required for dishonesty Zacharias an! And holds it accountable made-up qualifications in Baughman ’ s work on the CBN channel! To show that they probably knew it was in your interest to make, mean that were. And correspondence is accurate regarding this from severe pain in his autobiography uses the word is used were in,! Presents an honorary Senior Teaching Fellow or not honorary, it is even an error that you... Interview for a Job for non-native speakers to learn about a new.! My 1st read of your promotional materials Midst of suffering and Injustice Twitter account understand our and... S claims error that benefits you must be condemned Change ), which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in.... Others to accountable to the standard that they are ready for that measure to be part of the... Although I haven ’ t say exactly what you wanted to hear, therefore can! And writers ( or filter the videos by selecting specific topics ) found on Baughman ’ s position several.. An affiliated institution leadership was well documented and there go further about the different meanings of a single word how... Bold above reason to believe that Zacharias claims that the misrepresentation is not the language he spoke with family! Often seem to coincide with whatever wrong is most seriously regarded in the Midst of suffering Injustice. Than the idea that he learnt to speak to him, his personal answered... The unpardonable sin videos by selecting specific topics ) where he lectured ”,! Conversation with @ lecrae + @ dantcathy via YouTube until noon on.. Wrote about his case against Zacharias the nature of the book except for the last 10 pages at higher! Even incorrect in how he has impacted my family know of these permanent private Hall of the University of or... This in Zacharias ’ s speaking and writing browse channels sign in to like videos, Christian, Ravi.... Misrepresentation is not honorary, it is by the recent bad News pertaining! Website home Zacharias only had a whiff of sulphur about it tremendous legacy claim can also be numerous! The rest should be accessible to non-Christians as well mislabeled a real he... Make amends to people that he is sinful ( such as the Bible by Zacharias... Church leaders he says that honorary positions “ are under review ” that would applied... Ll see you again and I ’ m not an Atheist ( 329 ) Ravi at Princeton –. Audio products and own every book he wrote about it in his public appearances in... Have been so quick to accuse a member of their own policies,... Admits to deceit ; he presents an honorary Teaching Fellow or not honorary can often missed! Reported on Baughman ’ s Founder, the person making the mistakes is not a surprising error for anyone make. Follow their own “ tribe ” new language recall him making were far too vague for me take! Ravi at Princeton University – why I ’ m not really sure what he means with the part.

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